Out with The Old, In with The New: Your Child’s Baby Teeth

We all remember that special moment of losing your very first tooth. The excitement and glee that builds up within you as you anticipate a visit from the tooth fairy! Now that you’re no longer the one anxiously awaiting your next visit from the tooth fairy, it’s time to keep an eye out on your children who are.

Children typically begin to lose their baby teeth when they reach five to six years of age, and typically lose their last baby tooth around 12 years of age. Baby teeth become loose and fall out as permanent adult teeth begin to dissolve the roots of the baby teeth. Losing baby teeth is an exciting time in your child’s life as they start to feel that they are turning into big kids.

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

As your child begins to feel their teeth ‘loosen’, encourage them to wiggle their tooth with their tongue. When the tooth is ready, it should fall out on its own with minimal discomfort and bleeding. Below, are a few things to keep in mind when your child is ready to lose their first tooth:

– Be sure that your child does not pull the tooth out before it is ready, it can cause the root to break and can lead to infection.
– When it is ready, remove the tooth with a clean finger or tissue.
– Once the tooth is removed, carefully rinse your child’s mouth with warm water to cleanse the area.
– The area may be sore for the first few days, so be sure to brush and floss gently around the area.
– Don’t forget about the Tooth Fairy! Your child will surely be expecting a visit from their fairy friend, and money under their pillow in the morning.

Now that your child has adult teeth, this is a great time to revisit the importance of brushing and flossing daily! It is also important to schedule regular dental visits to make sure that your child’s smile is both happy and healthy. If you find that you have questions about your child’s teeth, give our office a call at St. Charles Office Phone Number (630) 232-6661.