How to Make Brushing Fun

Brushing teeth with your children Getting your child to take care of their teeth can take a lot of hard work and practice, but it is important to make sure it becomes a part of their daily routine. Making a monotonous task such as brushing teeth a little more fun and exciting can make a huge difference in the quality of brushing, and their willingness to keep their teeth healthy.

Not sure where to start? Never fear! We are here today with a few tips to make your daily routine a little more fun for your child, and a lot easier on you!

Brush with your child every day.

It is important to brush your teeth with your child every day because it sets a great example for them. Next time you’re brushing your teeth with your child, let them practice on you! This can be great fun for both of you, and can help them understand the importance of brushing just a little bit more. Just make sure to re-brush after!

Let them choose their experience.

Allow your child to pick out their own toothbrush. Having a toothbrush that is their favorite color or with their favorite character on it can make them more excited to use it. Also let your child choose what flavor toothpaste that they want to use. Allowing them to have control over these aspects of brushing can make it seem a lot more exciting to them.

Reward their progress.

Rewarding your child for brushing their teeth each day can be a great way to track their progress and improve consistency. Make a calendar and mark off each day that your child brushes his/her teeth. After ‘x’ amount of days in a row, reward them with a non-sugary treat or a toy that they will enjoy. This will be sure to motivate them to want to brush each and every day!

As you can see, it doesn’t have to be hard to get your child more engaged and involved in making sure that their teeth stay healthy. Try out a few of these tips, or let us know if you have any other suggestions for making brushing more enjoyable for your children. Remember to give [PRACTICE NAME] a call at St. Charles Office Phone Number (630) 232-6661 if you have any questions and to schedule your child’s next cleaning!